25 Mystic Soul: People of Color Centered Spirituality (Teresa P Mateus, Jade Perry, & Ra Mendoza)

Welcome to part 1 of a 3-part collaborative series between the Mystic Soul Project and Healing Justice Podcast!

This week, Mystic Soul co-founders Teresa P Mateus, Ra Mendoza, and Jade T. Perry join us in a self-facilitated conversation to talk faith origin stories (including Christianity, Catholicism, and Indigenous traditions), the work of bridging worlds, what it means to be POC-centered in approaching spirituality and activism, and grieving appropriation of POC ancestral traditions.

You can look forward to the next two installments of this collaborative series publishing once every few weeks, with upcoming topics including “Indigenous Reclamation” and “Contemplative Activism & Healing Practice.

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About our guests

Our guests are the three co-founders of the Mystic Soul Project: Teresa P Mateus, Jade Perry, and Ra Mendoza. Read their incredible individual bios.

The Mystic Soul Project is creating spaces that center the voices, teaching, practices, and wisdom of People of Color at the intersections of mysticism, activism & healing. This mission is inclusive and centering of the margins of the margins - which includes centering queer & trans voices of color. Read more about their mission.

Practice: Grounded Breathing

Check out the corresponding practice to join Teresa in a guided breath exercise. It’s so simple, and so powerful. All you need is a space where you can focus, and to close your eyes if you choose to. Teresa will invite you to stand, sit, or lay down.

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