24 Practice: Forgiveness Meditation with Jacoby Ballard

In this practice, you’re joining Jacoby Ballard for a guided meditation for forgiving ourselves and others. All you need is a space where you can focus. Jacoby will invite you to stand, sit, or lay down.

Here are the core prompts if you’d like to see them in writing:

“May I forgive myself for any thoughts, words, or deeds  that have caused harm. May I allow myself to be a student of life and to make mistakes.”

“I offer you forgiveness for any of your words, thoughts, or deeds that have caused harm. May I allow you to be a student of life and to make mistakes. I forgive you.”

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About our guest

Jacoby Ballard is a white trans queer person living in Amherst, MA until moving to Salt Lake City, UT this summer. He is a co-founder of worker owned cooperative Third Root Community Health Center in Brooklyn, and co-founder of Bending Towards Justice ( bendingtowardsjustice.org ), an organization that leads anti-oppression workshops and consultations for yoga communities, and leading teacher at Adhikara Yoga School ( Adhikarayogaschool.com ) in Western Massachusetts. Jacoby speaks on college and high school campuses, leading collective care, transformative leadership, and resilience workshops for campus activists, leaders, and queer communities and consults with organizations looking to either build more justice or more spiritual practice into their organization. Find his writing and workshops.

Conversation: “The Art of Allyship”

Check out the corresponding conversation where we’re talking with Jacoby about all things allyship, accompliceship, and solidarity. You’ll hear some captivating stories about navigating layers of identity, privilege, and oppression... a word about pronouns… how practice can help us ground the charge we feel when triggered... and whether we should we even be using the word ally, accomplice, or whose role it is to name those things anyway.

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