20 Relational Culture & Undoing Individualism — Mark Fairfield

This week we’re talking with psychotherapist Mark Fairfield about the central role of connection in our lives and lethal individualism. We learn about relational culture, factors for resilience, his work supporting caregivers in the AIDS movement, how bullying is a euphemism, and failure.

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Mary Ann thanking the Women in Power Community in the UK & the FRIDA Young Feminist Fund, and Marcia uplifting Siwatu-salama Ra in Detroit (email freesiwatu@gmail.com to join Siwatu’s Freedom Team). Thank you both for sharing your commitment to your communities.

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About our guests


Mark was the Founder and Executive Director of The Relational Center, a nonprofit community organization that exists to rescue and preserve the important social ties humans depend on for health and well being. He is a leadership coach, consultant, and psychotherapist. His experience in ACT UP helped him understand how movements with strong emphasis on collaborative action and wider-thinking, can catalyze vitality and wellbeing by supplying a social infrastructure that encourages people to look after one another.More about Mark at http://www.markfairfieldlcsw.com/ , learn about The Relational Center in LA at www.relationalcenter.org , & learn more about Relational Uprising training for organizers at http://relationaluprising.org/


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