14 Ancestral Healing for Anti-Racist White Folks — Jardana Peacock & Kelly Germaine-Strickland

Today we’re talking with Kelly Germaine-Strickland & Jardana Peacock about white ancestral healing as anti-racist practice, faith and spirituality, white fragility, the complexity of ancestry and white supremacy, some Christian perspective, and why white people gotta love each other to fully be in the fight for racial justice.


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This week’s AFFIRMATION celebrates Movimiento Cosecha, the Dreamers & DACA-mented folks, and especially organizers Thais Marques & Cata Santiago. Thank you for sharing your struggles & resilience!

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About our guests


Jardana Peacock is a southern-based writer, spiritual teacher, and a healer. She is the director of Liberation School, a school for changemakers working to center healing and spirituality in movements. She has worked with thousands of changemakers and organizations globally to address trauma through an anti-oppression lens. Stay connected.


Kelly Germaine Strickland is a trauma therapist and plant-based healer based in Cincinnati, Ohio. She works with change-makers and institutions to heal from and dismantle systems of oppression.

To work further with Jardana and Kelly, check out their online course beginning Feb 20 called Practice Showing Up: Anti-Racist Spirituality for White People.


Download the accompanying practice to hear Jardana and Kelly lead you through an ancestral healing practice that is focused on white ancestry, but can be used by anyone. It involves meditation and writing… you need a place where you can be still, and paper and pen to write with. Practices post on Thursdays.


Practice Showing Up: Spiritual Anti-Racism for White People is the upcoming course led by Jardana & Kelly online. Learn more & sign up here! //

Mystic Soul is the POC-centered mysticism, activism, & healing conference we talk about having just attended. It’s amazing - check it out! //

Liberation School is a program for changemakers who want to center healing & spirituality in their work - you can also hear stories and songs from Liberation School in episode 11 of this podcast.


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