03 Honoring Trans Day of Remembrance & Healing at the Borderlands — Dr. Robyn Henderson-Epinoza

In this third episode of Healing Justice Podcast, Dr. Robyn Henderson-Espinoza joins host Kate Werning for a conversation about activist theology in the streets, honoring Trans Day of Remembrance (November 20), how to be human with one another, the politics of radical difference, and loving Trans folks well.

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About our guest

Dr. Robyn Henderson-Espinoza, PhD 

Knowing intimately that the borderlands are a place of learning and growth, Robyn draws on their identity and heritage as a Trans queer Latinx in everything that they do. From doubt to divine and everywhere in between, their call as an activist-theologian demands the vision to disrupt hegemony and colonialist structures of multi-layered oppressions.  As an anti-oppression, anti-racist, non-binary Trans*gressive Latinx, Robyn takes seriously their call as an activist theologian and ethicist to bridge together theories and practices that result in communities responding to pressing social concerns. Robyn sees this work as a life-orienting vocation, deeply committed to translating theory to practice, and embedded in re-imagining our moral horizon to one which privileges a politics of radical difference. They currently serve as Director of Public Theology Initiatives at Faith Matters Network in Nashville, TN. Find them on their website, on Twitter as @irobyn, and on their Facebook page.

On November 19, Robyn will join the 9:30 and 11:45am worship services at Middle Collegiate Church in NYC as part of the celebration of Trans Awareness Week. They will preach a sermon called “And God Hovered Over the Face of the Deep: Transgressing Gender.” Join us there if you’re in NYC, and catch the livestream if you’re elsewhere. More info here.


Gloria E. Anzaldúa was a queer Chicana poet, writer, and queer and feminist theorist. Her book, Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza (1987) and her essay, “La Prieta,” are considered to be groundbreaking works in cultural, feminist, and queer theories.

Robyn’s article in the Huffington Post, 3/28/2017: “We need to address femmephobia in the queer community”

The Radical Copyeditor’s Guide for Writing About Transgender People by Alex Kapitan

Details to join Robyn in person or via livestream for their sermon at Middle Collegiate Church Nov 19

Find Robyn on their website, on Twitter as @irobyn, and on their Facebook page


Download the next episode for a simple but profound journaling practice with Robyn. You’ll need a notebook or something to write on and your favorite writing implement. Get ready to be led through some reflection on your identity - inspired by Thomas Aquinas, Robyn puts their own spin on a classic question: “Who am I, and how do I know?”

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