02 Conversations in Healing Justice -- Shawna Wakefield & Teresa Pasquale Mateus

In the second episode of Healing Justice Podcast, host Kate Werning is joined by collaborators Shawna Wakefield and Teresa Pasquale Mateus for a conversation about what healing justice means to us and our aspirations for this virtual practice space. We talk spirituality, trauma and resilience, some of the history of this work, gender justice, international work, Standing Rock, self care/collective care/community care, personal stories and struggles in our activism and organizing, sustainability and more.

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Episode Transcript


About our guests

Shawna Wakefield 

Shawna is a gender justice advocate, mother of two girls, practitioner of living life wholly and helping other changemakers to do the same. She is bi-racial (African American/white Canadian), grew up in NY and VT, and has lived and worked in Cambodia and Afghanistan. She organized with immigrant and refugee women of color in the 90s, worked with the UN, and was Oxfam International’s Senior Gender Justice Lead for 7 years. She is currently an organizational development and leadership consultant with Gender at Work, and co-facilitates Brown Sugar Yoga for Folks of Color and workshops on collective wellbeing and resilience, including Resilience for Changemakers.

Teresa Pasquale Mateus 

Teresa is a trauma therapist, trauma-conscious yoga and embodied care provider, and executive director/co-founder of The Mystic Soul Project - a people of color centered approach to contemplation, activism, and healing. She is author of Mending Broken: A Personal Journey Through the Stages of Trauma & Recovery and Sacred Wounds: A Path to Healing from Spiritual Trauma. Teresa is a collaborator in leading Resilience for Changemakers workshops and is co-developing resources to correlate cycles of personal and trauma and resilience with the ups and downs of the phases of social change. More about Teresa here: www.teresapasqualemateus.com


“Healing justice is the how of our movements – it’s the texture, the experience and the vision that guides us. It’s our effort towards transforming ourselves, our ways of building relationship and our institutions to support and sustain Black aliveness that has carried us forward.” - Prentis Hemphill, Director of Healing Justice for Black Lives Matter Network, from this article in the Huffington Post

More on the 2010 US Social Forum healing justice work in this article by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

Cara Page & the Kindred Southern Healing Justice Collective

Icarus Project

Black Lives Matter Healing Justice Toolkit

UndocuBlack Mental Wellness Initiative

UndocuHealth Project from United We Dream

UndocuHealing Project from José Arreola-Torres

Liberation School

Movement Strategy Center reporting on the role of love and power in organizing

Gender at Work


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