Inside the Candidate Experience with Stacey Abrams, Ashlee Marie Preston, & Nelini Stamp

Welcome to our CANDIDATES TELL ALL episode, powered by Black women! Running for office is an incredibly strenuous experience. Why do candidates do it, and how do they keep themselves grounded along the way?

Esteemed guests join us today to dish about candidacy and all that it entails: Stacey Abrams (Democratic candidate for Governor of Georgia) tells us how she stays energized on the campaign trail and what her favorite TV shows are, Ashlee Marie Preston (the first transgender candidate to run for state office in California) tells us about what she learned when taking on the establishment from the inside, and Nelini Stamp (Working Families Party National Organizing Director) shares about how she takes care of herself and what it takes to select and support great candidates nationwide.


If you have the right to vote in the United States, PLEASE VOTE on November 6th! This is not a time where we can afford to be ideological purists -- voting is a necessary harm reduction strategy. Find out everything you need to know to vote in your area.


With the 2018 US midterm elections upon us, Healing Justice Podcast brings you the SURVIVING ELECTIONS miniseries to help us all survive this political cycle together.

This miniseries is sponsored by Groundswell Action Fund, resourcing visionary political organizing led by women of color, low-income women and transgender people across the country. This week, we're joined by two of their grantees: Co-Founders Tequila Johnson and Charlane Oliver of The Equity Alliance Fund in Tennessee. Pitch in to support Groundswell's critical work.


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Nelini Stamp is the National Organizing Director at the Working Families Party. She works with volunteer leaders across the country to build local progressive infrastructure, and is deeply involved in social movement work around economic and racial justice.

Ashlee Marie Preston is a Civil Rights Activist, Media Personality, Producer, Writer, and Speaker. She was a candidate for California State Assembly District 54 in 2018; making her the first openly trans person to run for California State Legislature.

Stacey Abrams is Democratic nominee for Governor of Georgia and former House Democratic Leader. She founded the New Georgia Project, which submitted more than 200,000 registrations from voters of color between 2014 and 2016.

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