Campaign Workers, Unite! There is Power in a Union (with Meg Reilly of Campaign Workers Guild & Shanequa Charles)

Campaign Workers Guild (CWG) is organizing the movement to unionize political and issue-based campaign workers nationwide. CWG Vice President Meg Reilly joins us to talk about why transforming the working conditions of campaigns is necessary for our end goals, how building worker power impacts strategy and what’s possible, and gives us a play-by-play of where to start if you want to start a union. Host Kate Werning and organizer Shanequa Charles share some of their experience and learnings from recently participating in the unionization process on the Cynthia Nixon campaign. Stay tuned all the way til the end for a silly solidarity song.


With the 2018 US midterm elections upon us, Healing Justice Podcast brings you the SURVIVING ELECTIONS miniseries to help us all survive this political cycle together.

This miniseries is sponsored by Groundswell Action Fund, resourcing visionary political organizing led by women of color, low-income women and transgender people across the country. This week, we're joined one of their grantees: LaTosha Brown of Black Voters Matter Fund. Pitch in to support Groundswell's critical work.


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Meg Reilly is a union organizer and Vice President of the Campaign Workers Guild, a national independent labor union representing non-management workers on electoral and issue-based campaigns.
Twitter: @CWG_Workers / Website: Campaign Workers Guild

Shanequa Charles is a powerhouse community organizer from the Bronx. She is a leader with Just Leadership USA, works to end mass incarceration and advocate for criminal justice reform, and advances healing in her community via Miss Abbie's Kids. Twitter: @ShanequaCharles

Thank you to Brittany Williams, Kim Huynh, Alexandra Flores-Quilty, Melanie Berkowitz, Duncan Meisel, and Sophie Lasoff for the song!

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