Season 1 Reflection, pt 3: Visioning the Future (Marcia Lee, Zach Meyer & Kate Werning)

Welcome to part 3 of our 3-part Season One reflection series. You're joining host Kate Werning, practitioner Marcia Lee of Healing by Choice (episode 18), and our sound designer Zach Meyer. We reflect on this year, explore accountability and hope, and ask big questions followed by quizzical "duck face" (you'll have to listen to Marcia explain what that is herself!).

Tune in to parts 1 & 2 of our reflection series to explore vulnerability and voice (part 1 with Jacoby Ballard), and learn to navigate our growing library of practices with intention (part 2 with Justin Campbell).

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The names you hear us thanking with our whole hearts at the end of this episode are:

Support & Discernment: Cara Page, Shawna Wakefield, Carinne Luck, Susan Raffo, Nora Rasman, Sumitra Rajkumar, Teresa P Mateus, Macky Alston, Gregg Osofsky, JD Davids, Shalini Somayaji, Ilana Lerman, Brooke Lehman, & more

Content Editors: Myra Al-Rahim, Rachel Ishikawa, Yoshi Fields, Katie McCutcheon, Jacob White, Sonja Hanson, Abigail Bereola, Parke Ballantine, Natalia Thompson

Mixing and production by Zach Meyer at the COALROOM
Fiscal sponsorship by The Watershed Center
Intro and Closing music gifted by Danny O’Brien
Design and graphics by Josiah Werning

Institutions that have joined us in this vision include Lush Cosmetics Charity Pot programResist FoundationAngell Foundation, and St. Joan of Arc Church.

** Extra jokes and duck photography by the inimitable Marcia Lee **

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