Season 1 Reflection, pt 1: Vulnerability & Voice (Jacoby Ballard & Kate Werning)

We're BACK... just in time to bring you a 3-part season 1 reflection series and take a seasonal production break.

This reflection series took a long time to record and produce -- mostly because reflection and distillation of wisdom just feels so incomplete. It hasn't been the right time, and our learnings aren't codified -- they are in process, changing daily, and so recording a final reflection is a somewhat impossible task.

But -- we are committed to being incomplete and in process publicly together. Join host Kate Werning & friend Jacoby Ballard (of episode 24) for a conversation about vulnerability, voice, and accountability reflecting on 8 months of the podcast so far.

Check out part 2 with Justin Campbell and part 3 with Marcia Lee & Zach Meyer as we wrap up this first season together including discussions on navigating this library of practices and committing to personal practice in your life, further reflection on accountability and relationship, and a preview of what's next for us.

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