Resilience is Ours: Voices from the Allied Media Conference

Resilience is deeply necessary for us to survive and thrive, but it can often be imposed, distorted, or misunderstood. So we wanted to hear from our people what it means to them, and how they cultivate it for themselves.

This past June, our podcast volunteer team from all over the country took a trip to Detroit together for the 20th Annual Allied Media Conference (AMC), and hosted a workshop called Healing Justice Podcast Story Lab. We set up recording booths and asked participants to share the experiences, practices, and relationships that sustained them in their justice journey on the mics. In this episode we invite you to listen in and reflect on these many voices in their own words. Check out our Instagram Story Highlight from AMC for visuals to accompany these stories.

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References and resources

You heard Myra, Parke, and Rachel refer to the following Healing Justice Podcast episodes:

Episode 7 De-spa-ifying Healing & Accessibility with Third Root Community Health Center (Geleni Fontaine & Emily Kramer)

Episode 22 Sustaining Ourselves when Confronting Violence with Black Lives Matter Global Network & Black Visions Collective (Miski Noor & Kandace Montgomery)

Episode 3 Practice: Journaling Our Identity with Dr. Robyn Henderson-Espinoza

Learn more about Allied Media Conference and their chrysalis year.

Thank You

-- Rachel Ishikawa, Myra Al-Rahim, and Parke Ballantine for the creative direction and production of this episode, and your leadership at the workshop at AMC.

-- Marcia Lee, Justin Campbell, and Kate Werning for co-designing and co-facilitating the Healing Justice Podcast Story Lab workshop at AMC in June 2018.

-- Miriam Zoila Perez and JD Davids for being an essential part of the production team at the workshop.

-- Kirin Kanakkanatt, Brittany Koteles, Charlie Bruce, Nat McClellan, and Josiah Werning for your volunteer support at AMC.

 Each of these folks and many more attended our Story Lab workshop at AMC and generously shared their brilliance with us. The voices you heard include Chimaera Bailey, Hadassah Damien, Jekaren Olaoya, Symone Johnson, Nada Beydoun, Isis Rose, Rajelin Escondo, Vern Plotkin, Lydia Nylander, Sarahlyn Pablo, Unny Nambudiripad,Frankie Mastrangelo, Chaz Barracks, and Carlin Christy.

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