48 Reflection on Season 2 with Kate Werning, Whitney Spencer, and Jhaleh Akhavan

Join us for a reflection on the episodes and changes over this last season, as well as some exciting announcements on the horizon! We also share an introduction to the growing team, with Director Kate Werning (she/her) joined by Digital Organizer Whitney Spencer (she/her) and Producer Jhaleh Akhavan (she/they), following their staff onboarding retreat!

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About the new team members

 Whitney Spencer (she/her) is an educator & multimedia storyteller from Louisville, Kentucky. In her practice, she works to privilege the voices & culture of marginalized people whose intellectual production has eluded the thresholds of creation and genre, especially youth activists in Chicago where she resides. Most recently, she's focused on developing skills to engage and organize communities through the use of digital tools.

Jhaleh Akhavan (she/they) is an audio producer and multimedia narrative artist raised in the Pacific Northwest who currently works with spoken stories, visual mapping, illustration and other forms of internal and collective listening, learning, and building. Jhaleh records living histories as a facilitator with StoryCorps, and develops audio documentary trainings & workshops with youth, elders, and storytellers of many veins. Jhaleh also loves being out in nature, and sharing healing plants and food with loved ones.

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