47 Practicing Access: Making Our Podcast More Accessible

Join Healing Justice Podcast Access Team members Erika Wolf, Michaela Anang, and Kate Werning for a conversation reflecting on the labor and lessons of our journey toward increasing accessibility here at the podcast. Our 100-member volunteer Access Team represents numerous continents, languages, and identities, and today we launch a complete collection of transcripts for all 110 our past episodes and practices! Hear us share about how we did it, and our continuing work to grow in access as a form of love.

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More about the Access Team

Over 100 volunteers worldwide participate in the Access Team to integrate an accessibility and disability justice lens in this project, including creating and editing transcripts for every podcast episode. Thank you to our competent & caring Access Team Coordinator, Erika Wolf, and Transcript Editors Team member Michaela Anang for representing the team in this conversation.

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