44 Tender Masculinity with Eroc Arroyo-Montano

Join us in talking to cultural organizer Ernesto "Eroc" Arroyo-Montano about patriarchy, accountability, transformation, queerness, and tender masculinity.

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Ernesto "Eroc" Arroyo-Montano is a proud father of three wonderful children, an emcee, circle keeper, artist, cultural organizer, educator, curandero-in-training and aspiring elder. He is a queer Boricua raised in Boston, MA, and a founding member of the radical, award-winning Hip Hop group, Foundation Movement, with whom he has been blessed to facilitate workshops and perform around the globe. Healing Justice, Arts & Activism, and Popular Education are his passions, purpose and priority in his community liberation movement work, which he practices in his current role as Director of Cultural Organizing at the grassroots economic justice organization, 'United for a Fair Economy'. Learn more about Eroc's work.

Practice: Sacred Shower or Bath

Check out the corresponding practice episode to hear Eroc offer a practice from Mijente Ancestral Resistance Zine for transforming grief. He shares an approach to creating your own cleansing shower ritual to open up sacred space to ground and release in a way that speaks to you. 

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