38 Practice Claiming Our Ideology, inspired by Phillip Agnew

This is a practice offered by host Kate Werning based on our conversation with Phillip Agnew in the prior episode. It leads us through reflecting on the Dream Defenders' Freedom Papers and how we can contemplate and communicate our own ideology as we work for liberation. 

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Read along with the Dream Defender Freedom Papers.

Thank you to Aja Monet, Arsimmer McCoy, Yaheli, & Adejare for your reading of the poem “This is the Year” by Phillip Agnew.

Learn more and join in with the Dream Defenders.

Find out more about Phillip Agnew & Aja Monet's Smoke Signals Studio in Miami – a community based radical artistic space.

Conversation: “Transitions & Visible Leadership”

Check out the corresponding conversation with Phillip Agnew, former Executive Director of the Dream Defenders and leader in the Movement for Black Lives, who joined us to talk about his recent leadership transition and what it's like to evolve in public. Listen to hear us discuss movement celebrity culture, the limitations of highly visible leadership, what it means to have a clear leftist ideology, what he would have done differently in his own transition, collective responsibility for mental health, and his own name change to Umi Selah and then back to Phillip.

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