29 Indigenous Reclamation — Mystic Soul (AnaYelsi Velasco-Sanchez, Ra Mendoza, & Teresa P Mateus)

Welcome to part 2 of a 3-part collaborative series between the Mystic Soul Project and Healing Justice Podcast!

This week, AnaYelsi Velasco-Sanchez, Teresa P Mateus, & Ra Mendoza join us to talk about Indigenous reclamation, IndoLatinx identity, mujerista / womanist / queer theology, and practical acts to decolonize spiritual practice.

Check out episode 25 to hear from Mystic Soul about POC-centered spirituality. Our final episode in this three part series will release this June.

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About our guests

Our guests all come to us via the Mystic Soul Project. The Mystic Soul Project is creating spaces that center the voices, teaching, practices, and wisdom of People of Color at the intersections of mysticism, activism & healing.

AnaYelsi Velasco-Sanchez is an IndoLatinx mujerista working to create and agitate her way through the latin diaspora. She has been working as a faith-based community organizer for a decade and her experience both in interfaith and multi-issue organizing has provided her a unique understanding of the complex work involved in bridge-building and unifying diverse people around a shared purpose. Follow her work.

Dive into Teresa P Mateus & Ra Mendoza’s bios.

Practice: Reclaiming Our Names

Check out the corresponding practice about reclaiming our names to learn an activity from AnaYelsi that can be a meaningful tapping into lineage and ancestry for a group.

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