23 Practice: Sacred Writing with the Peace Poets (The Last Emcee & Lu Aya)

In this practice, you’re joining Peace Poets Lu Aya and The Last Emcee in a guided exercise for sacred writing. You’ll hear Frankie 4 perform “Lightwork,” and be led through a series of prompts to write your own poetry.

This practice is one they offer regularly as part of their workshops, and can be practiced alone but is ideal in a group. Maybe you give it a listen through first and then invite some friends or your team to join in it with you next time! You’ll just need something to write with and some paper.

The prompts you’ll hear in the second part of the practice are:

“I heal because…”

“I heal with…”

“I heal so that…”

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About our guests

The Peace Poets are a collective of 5 artists that celebrate, examine and advocate for life through music and poetry. They’ve helped invigorate the social movements of our time with chants and songs. They hail from The Bronx and have performed across the world in over 40 countries. They’ve rocked the mic in prisons, schools, community centers, clubs, rallies, refugee camps and on the blocks they live on. Fortified with the belief that the cypher is the opposite of prison, they are committed to raising up the power of the people to be creative and connected. Check out the work of the Peace Poets. Follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

Conversation: The Cypher is the Opposite of Prison: Liberating Language 

Check out the corresponding conversation with 4 of the 5 the Peace Poets: Lu Aya, The Last Emcee, Frankie 4, and A-B-E (and RAM 3 in spirit). We talk about the power and meaning of language, writing for healing and connection, the cypher as a gathering place for healing and reclaiming power through story. They also share thoughts on direct action, gender, conflict, and how they stay together as a crew through the decades. You’ll hear them burst into poetry and song throughout this episode because that is just what they do. It’s a joy to listen to.

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