18 Practice: Holding a Healing Justice Practice Space with Healing By Choice (Marcia Lee, Violeta Donawa, & Adela Nieves Martinez)

In this practice, you’ll learn the basics of holding a Healing Justice Practice Space. It’s more of a training to lead a practice yourself, so the only thing you’ll need is a way to take notes if you want to.

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About our guests

Healing by Choice! is a circle of women of Color health and healing practitioners in Detroit who offer a range of healing modalities for self-care and the reduction of racial harm in mind, body, and institution. The modalities they work through include Reiki, meditation, Tai-Chi, Peace Circles, herbal consultations, ear acupuncture, food as medicine, workshops and presentations.  Learn more about Healing by Choice!Connect with Healing by Choice! on Facebook

Violeta Donawa, MA, is a healing justice organizer born and raised on the eastside of Detroit, Michigan, whose work revolves around the relationship between systemic oppression, intergenerational trauma and healing, and spirituality. Ancestral work, deep listening, and Reiki are her primary modalities. IG and Twitter: @moonbellywoman

Marcia Lee aspires to listen deeply, laugh wholeheartedly, and to be a welcoming presence for herself and others to show up as fully as themselves.  She co-founded Taproot Sanctuary, an intentional community living for spirituality, right relationship with the earth, and social justice.  She leads Courage and Renewal retreats; facilitates restorative justice circles; teaches tai chi; supports Franciscans in justice and peace work; is an acudetox specialist, and gifts workshops and services with Healing by Choice!

Adela Nieves Martinez is a Traditional Community Health and Healing Arts Practitioner. She is deeply committed to her Taino (indigenous peoples of the Caribbean) roots and integrative wellness approaches, practicing Acudetox (ear acupuncture), indigenous traditional medicine, cupping therapy, whole person natural care, and Reiki for individuals and groups struggling with addiction, PTSD, stress and trauma. She supports people in their journeys to tell their own story and define health, healing, and wellness for themselves.

Resources for this practice

Conversation: “Collective Healing”

Check out the corresponding conversation (episode 18) to learn more with Healing By Choice collective members Violeta Donawa, Marcia Lee, and Adela Nieves Martinez. They talk about creating healing justice practice space, the role of suffering and love in learning and transformation, asking for help, operating as a collective, the role of healers in people healing themselves, and more.

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