15 Practice: Releasing to Pachamama with Fhatima Paulino

In this practice, “Releasing to Pachamama,” Fhatima Paulino guides you through a simple earth reconnection practice. You’ll need a quiet place, either indoors or outdoors, where you can lay on the floor, and if you like to use a candle, incense, or palo santo, you can collect that too.

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About our guest

Fhatima Paulino is the daughter of immigrants from the Philippines and Mexico. She grew up in Oakland, CA and spends her time between the Bay Area and Boston. Since 2017 she has been Co-Coordinator of the Memory Program at the Ayni Institute. Her work is currently focused on The Mysteries of the Andes. The latest documentary of the series is Voices That Heal, which is about the cosmovision, healing practices and almost extinct languages of 4 indigenous villages in the Peruvian Amazon. The documentary will premiere in Boston on April 21st during Ayni’s Yachay (Wisdom) Seminar ( www.ayni.institute/seminar ). Before joining the Ayni team, Fhatima was a community organizer as part of the PICO national network and then as a full-time volunteer with the Cosecha Movement. She is a lovable organizing handy woman with a focus on training, coaching, conflict resolution, and healing. These past years have blessed her with a life of voluntary simplicity while traveling across the country to germinate and grow Movimiento Cosecha and the Ayni Institute’s Memory Program. Fhatima is currently finding her way back to her creativity through writing, food, meditation, movement, and loved ones.

Conversation: “Decolonization & The Long View of History” 

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