11: Voices from Liberation School

In this special and unique episode, many voices from the first-ever Liberation School cohort share about what healing justice means to us, what beauty we are bringing and seeking in our movements, songs and stories from the Highlander Research and Education Center in East Tennessee including an interview with an elder, and what we seek to create moving forward. Tune in for some awesome grassroots leaders' voices from the South and beyond.

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About our guests

Thank you to the incredible voices featured here: Shayla Tumbling, Jax Gil, Sean Estelle, Luci Murphy, Pamela Gomez, Evelyn Encalada, Natalia Thompson, Judy Hatcher, Bernadette Arthur, Jardana Peacock, Will Brummett, Sara Green, Kate Werning, and Candie Carawan.

Thank you to Luci Murphy and Sara Green for leading us in song, and to LuAya of the Peace Poets and Deirdre Smith for writing the Medicine song, and for the advising of Tufara Waller Muhammad.

This podcast was binationally edited thanks to Natalia Thompson.


Liberation School

Ghosts We Carry, Healing We Practice: Medicine for Liberation by Jardana Peacock

Highlander Research and Education Center

Ain't You Got a Right to the Tree of Life book by Candie & Guy Carawan

Practice: Naming Our Medicine

Check out the corresponding practice to do a simple reflection and conversation exercise to dig deeper into the medicine you have to offer, and that which you are seeking this year... all inspired by an awesome resistance song. It's great for individual reflection or a team icebreaker with your crew.

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