05 Practice: Meditation on Non-Striving for Activists with Katie Loncke

Join us for a meditation practice focused on non-striving for activists with guest teacher Katie Loncke of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship. You’ll need 20 uninterrupted minutes, and a place you can sit, stand, or lie down to meditate. You can use this recording to meditate by yourself or with a group.

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About our guest

Katie Loncke (they/them or she/her) has served as a Co-Director of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship since 2012. Their movement education merges many streams — including healers, historians, international perspectives, and many different communities and traditions of resistance. In recent years, Katie’s social justice journey has included helping to win a million dollar lawsuit against a police department; fighting wage theft, jail expansion, and gentrification; assisting climbers in physically blockading a Shell Oil ship to increase the costs of Arctic drilling; sending care packages in feminist solidarity; and continuously asking how to lead a life of service that can lovingly overturn the status quo.

Katie says that after a childhood of “arrogant atheism,” she was fortunate to get over herself enough to begin investigating Buddhist practice, and start learning how to be free from suffering. She has now studied and practiced for nearly 10 years in a Theravada / Vipassana / Insight lineage. You can learn more about Katie’s history, her movement education and honoring of the communities she’s learned from, and the lineage of their Buddhist practice here.

Conversation: “Wisdom & Activism: Block, Build, Be”

Check out episode 5 for the corresponding conversation with Katie Loncke to listen to our conversation about what they mean by striving and non-striving, wisdom, activism, organizing, meditation, Buddhism, direct action, the role of spirituality in working for change, movement ecology and multiple strategies, and her own origin story as a changemaker.

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