04 Vomiting Rage: Self-Responsibility and Self-Care in the Movement -- Rusia Mohiuddin

In this fourth episode of Healing Justice Podcast, Rusia Mohiuddin joins host Kate Werning for a conversation about vomiting rage, being in a constant state of trigger, movement beef, taking out our pain by attacking one another in our movements for social justice, social media slander, survival strategies, and the trauma of oppression. We’ll talk about self care and self responsibility, and what it looks like to develop practices that generate a real sustainable self care protocol.

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About our guest

Rusia N. Mohiuddin, based in New York, is a trainer, facilitator, & somatic coach who pioneered the integration of somatics into an organizing framework. Rusia’s organizing career started with 8 years as a street-level community organizer, grew to leading organizations, and now training leaders and consulting with organizations.

Her current mission through her organization Universal Partnership has been developing a holistic model for social justice change work that places in its center the necessary transformation of social change agents. Rusia says: “Too often we default to compromises and sacrifices in the name of liberation, in the name of our communities, forgetting that, we too, are amongst those we seek freedom for. That, we too, are a part of the very communities we bleed for in our relentless, ceaseless fight. Too often, I must remind people that we must be alive to do this work. Alive physiologically AND spiritually. This is my calling. This is my life’s purpose.”

Referenced in the episode

Article: Vomiting Rage by Rusia Mohiuddin

Article: Strategies for Self Care by Rusia Mohiuddin

#30daysUP: a 30-day challenge with Rusia, beginning December 1st, to support you to develop leadership superpowers that increase your self-awareness and awareness of others. This round’s theme, to heal and transition out of 2017 and into 2018, is “gratitude + joy.“

Practice: Gratitude Practice for Realists

Check out the next episode for Rusia’s gratitude practice for realists. You’ll need a way to jot a few things down… notebook and pen, notes app on your phone, whatever works best for you.

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