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On this first episode of Healing Justice Podcast, creator and host Kate Werning talks us through the vision, the story behind the podcast, why this why now, and invites you to join in the journey. Whether you are grappling with questions about social justice, community organizing, social movements, self care/collective care/community care, trauma and resilience, wellness and healing, activism, sustainability or more... we hope you will gather around the campfire with us and share your stories, perspectives, victories and challenges.

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Origins of the term 'healing justice': Cara Page and Kindred Healing Justice Collective, the 2010 US Social Forum in Detroit, Healing Justice work in the Black Lives Matter Network, and Quaker criminal justice reform/prison abolition campaigns.

you do not have to be a fire for every mountain blocking you. you could be a water and soft river your way to freedom too.

-- options

by nayyirah waheed

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