who we are

collaboration is central

Healing Justice Podcast is proudly run by a diverse team of volunteers from all over the US. 

We are proud to partner with organizations like Mystic Soul Project, as well as all of our brilliant guests, to amplify their stories. Our amazing volunteers participate in visioning team strategy sessions, support on fundraising and organizational advising, share podcasting best practices, edit audio, offer their voices and wisdom to our conversations and practices, contribute their graphic design and music-making skills, mix and master the sound every week, and work behind the scenes on transcripts (coming soon). Many hands have gone into this first season of the podcast, and each one of those hands has made it exactly the beautiful resource that it is becoming.

Speaking of becoming, as we've lived through many experiments in this first season, we are also learning lots about our ever-growing configuration of our roles and team! We are currently taking a break between seasons to formalize and visibilize many of the people, teams, and roles that have been emergent in the creation of this project. Be patient with us as we move through those experiments behind the scenes ourselves, and plan to do a full website update soon celebrating the full village that it takes to bring you this resource. For now…

staff team


kate werning, director

Kate learned to organize with undocumented folks and youth of color in Milwaukee, working on campaigns for racial justice and immigrant rights. She co-facilitates workshops on collective wellbeing & transformation for social justice staff and leaders, is a Lead Trainer with Momentum, and served on the founding faculty of Liberation School. She studies with generative somatics, and centers interdependence in her trauma-informed yoga classes at Third Root. She's a founder of Hoop House collective home in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn.


Jillian Lane White, producer

Jillian is an Afro-Indigenous organizer and media maker living in Crown Heights, Brooklyn on occupied Lenape land. Her political and artistic identity has been greatly influenced by the works of Queer Feminists of color like Gloria Anzaldúa, Barbara Smith, and Audre Lorde; multi-disciplinary creative documentarians like Zora Neale Hurston; and the many generations of ancestors and spirits that use(d) their creativity to ensure our collective survival.



Many collaborators have played critical supportive roles over the first year of this project. They have been adaptive, present, emergent, and generous. As we continue to formalize our advisor and collaborator structures, we are so grateful to you for the ways you have shown up!


teresa pasquale mateus

Teresa is a trauma therapist, trauma-conscious yoga and embodied care provider, and executive director/co-founder of The Mystic Soul Project - a people of color centered approach to contemplation, activism, and healing. She is author of Mending Broken: A Personal Journey Through the Stages of Trauma & Recovery and Sacred Wounds: A Path to Healing from Spiritual Trauma. Teresa is a collaborator in leading Resilience for Changemakers workshops and is co-developing resources to correlate cycles of personal and trauma and resilience with the ups and downs of the phases of social change. More about Teresa here: www.teresapasqualemateus.com


shawna wakefield

Shawna is a gender justice advocate, mother of two girls, practitioner of living life wholly and helping other change-makers to do the same. She is bi-racial (African American/white Canadian), grew up in NY and VT, and has lived and worked in Cambodia and Afghanistan. She organized with immigrant and refugee women of color in the 90s, worked with the UN, and was Oxfam International’s Senior Gender Justice Lead for 7 years. She is currently an organizational development and leadership consultant with Gender at Work, and co-facilitates Brown Sugar Yoga for Folks of Color and workshops on collective wellbeing and resilience, including Resilience for Changemakers.


other advisors & co-conspirators

Special thanks to Sumitra Rajkumar, Shalini Somayaji, Ilana Lerman, Jacoby Ballard, Teo Drake, Ejeris Dixon, Cara Page, Susan Raffo, Carinne Luck, Jennifer Bailey, Micky ScottBey Jones, Casper ter Kuile, Carlos Saavedra, Macky Alston, Marcia Lee, Justin Campbell, Zach Meyer, Parke Ballantine, JD Davids, Myra Al-Rahim, Rachel Ishikawa, Cedar Landsmen, Lucien Demaris, Kirin Kanakkanatt, and many others for your generous and consistent advising, volunteering, support, and truth-telling. This project is a mirror being held up to our abundant and growing community, and any beauty that it reflects comes from you!