It’s time to re-name Healing Justice Podcast.

To hear more about this name-changing process and desires for the new name to get your creative juices flowing, listen to the podcast episode here.

We’ll be sharing much more this fall about the whys and hows of the name change, but for now, we are on a deep search for our new name. We are excited you’re here to dream with us — the seed of the new name might be hiding out in YOUR imagination! Will you help us brainstorm, think, feel, and fumble toward the new name together?

The below form will be open for your input until July 28, 2019.

Every question here is optional except for the last one re: consent - so along the way you're welcome to share as much or as little as you like. Any ideas shared here will be added as ingredients to our collective brainstorming stew, may be shared internally or publicly, and ultimately will be sampled and molded by the Advisory Circle to officially choose a new name.

If you select the option of being credited in the final question of this form and your idea ends up directly influencing the final name, we will thank you publicly in our name transition ritual and on that episode of the podcast. If you'd rather be anonymous, that's all good too - we may share or build on your ideas, but will not share anything about you.

Let's find this new name together!