We learn from many lineages

Retreat Hope is a Discipline altar.JPG

The work we are learning & practicing here is nothing new.

A few of the lineages that lead this work include KINDRED southern healing justice collective; the Black Lives Matter Global Network; Southern cultural organizing; the work of Black, Brown, Indigenous, queer, and disabled leaders at the 2010 US Social Forum in DetroitFaith Matters Network; Ayni Institute; transformative justice and abolitionist accountability work; disability justice; some faith based organizing & sacred activism traditions; nonviolence & more.

Our project is in a name change process to ensure there is not any implied representation of the healing justice lineage, which was first coined by Cara Page and the Kindred Collective’s use of the term beginning in 2007 as a political framework inside of southern based movements to politicize & transform the role of health practitioners and healers. Our name will transition in December 2019.