Generation Transformation

a series about transformative youth organizing

We are experiencing social movements of remarkable scale. Occupy, #BlackLivesMatter, Standing Rock, gun violence prevention, and the immigrant rights movements are all largely led by young people - especially youth of color, young women, immigrant & queer youth. Their lived experiences are marked by inequality & injustice, and within the current cultural and political climate, young organizers are increasingly targets of physical and online attacks.

Amidst this climate, young leaders and youth-led organizations are integrating approaches that focus on resilience, healing and the transformative power of building a community of justice through organizing. In this series, we share their stories, reflections, and practices. Subscribe to Healing Justice Podcast on RadioPublic, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher to tune in beginning October 22, 2019.

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podcast episodes

generation transformation: a series on youth organizing with next generation fund & united we dream

Our first episode in this series dives into the patterns and learnings we are seeing across youth-led movements incorporating transformative practice in their power-building work. We’re joined by series host Taj James of Movement Strategy Center, Supriya Pillai of Hidden Leaf Foundation, Claribel Vidal of the Ford Foundation, and Eli Cuna of NM Dream Team and United We Dream’s UndocuHealth project.

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Intergenerational Organizing with Chinese Progressive Association

Coming October 29, 2019

Lai Wa Wu, Emily Wong, Angela Zhao, and interpreter Adrian Leong of Chinese Progressive Association & Youth MOJO (Movement of Justice and Organizing) join series host Taj James to talk about the challenges and victories of intergenerational organizing, the complexity of cross-cultural work across generations, and the importance of incorporating mental health supports in youth organizing.

Practice: Cultural Humility with Chinese Progressive Association

Coming November 5, 2019

Carolyn Nguyen and Emily Wong of Chinese Progressive Association’s Youth MOJO (Movement of Justice and Organizing) work offer us a practice they use with young folks to cultivate cultural humility. They dispel the myth of cultural competency, inviting us instead into deep listening and reflection on what it takes to build deep cross-cultural and cross-generational trust and understanding.

generative organizations with freedom, inc.

Coming November 12, 2019

Description coming soon (not recorded yet) - featuring guests Kabzuag Vaj, Bianca Gomez, & Zon Moua

practice: investing in leadership with freedom, inc.

Coming November 19, 2019

Description coming soon (not recorded yet)

Our series sponsor: Next Generation Fund

NextGen Fund is a response to a growing call from frontline organizers to learn from restorative & transformative practices in order to support a rising generation of social justice leaders and nurture sustainable approaches to organizing and community building. The Fund is anchored by the Ford Foundation and developed in partnership with the Movement Strategy Center’s Innovation Center.

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