Resilience & Media Making @ AMC 2018

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Y'all - we had TOO MUCH FUN hanging out with listeners, leaders, and organizer friends old & new at Allied Media Conference this year! The stories you shared with us about how you have been using the podcast & practices move us deeply.

We offered a story lab workshop to record reflections on resilience with 50 attendees and a whopping crew of 12 people supporting facilitation and production. You'll hear this amazing episode, weaving many voices reflecting on resilience, when we come back for Season 2 this fall.

Big thanks to Marcia, Justin, Mira, Rachel, Parke, JD, Josiah, Brittany, Kirin, Charlie, & Pérez, many of whom have been working on the podcast behind the scenes for some time and this was our *first* time all together in one place.


We also convened a radical podcasters meetup with our friends over at Tonic Podcast, and did sound support work at the super fun live recording of How to Survive the End of the World podcast (both essential listening btw).

Check out our in-depth Instagram Story Highlight from AMC for all the social coverage to feel like you were right there with us, and subscribe to Healing Justice Podcast on Apple Podcasts so you don't miss it when our collaborative "Resilience" episode drops this fall.

A gift for you: our ZINE is here!  🎁

If you talked to someone from our team at AMC, chances are we handed you a Healing Justice Zine. These feature the brilliant words of Autumn Brown and Maryse Mitchell-Brody, were illustrated by Caitlin Metz, and were facilitated by Marcia Lee and Kate Werning to offer a simple Healing Justice 101 to our communities in printed form.

Pictured: Laura Castro of Taproot Sanctuary

Pictured: Laura Castro of Taproot Sanctuary

We'd hate for anyone to miss out on these beauties, so here's how you can make your own!

You'll need a printer with black ink, 8.5x11" paper, & scissors.

It's just three simple steps:

1) Download and print the PDF.

2) Watch the video on our Instagram to learn from Mira how to assemble.

3) Share with your community & tag us on social media @healingjustice so we can celebrate with you as they spread!

Finally, a huge thank you to all who contributed to our joint fundraiser with Oxalis Collective, and the support of AMC for our Healing Justice Media Makers Delegation that helped us get there. (Read about Oxalis' dope Healing Uses of Plant Technology workshop here.)

Can't wait til next year!

Kate Werning